Conservatory Roof Repair

Sometimes when installing a used conservatory the roof often needs to be repaired. Conservatory roof repair is a minefield in that it is important to find a competent professional who has worked with your conservatory roof system in the past. A good conservatory roof repair company will typically have at the very least a decade of experience in the installation of conservatories and it is much better to find one that has had previous conservatory roof manufacturing experience as they will find it much easier to diagnose and rectify the problems they find as well as find the exact replacement parts you may require.

Repair is often required if the used conservatory you have installed is fitted incorrectly and the people who install it don’t have the right experience in correctly fitting the type of conservatory you may have bought.



Picking the right installer for your used conservatory Part 1

If you buy your used conservatory from a private home then the person who dismantles it and re installs it is as important as the quality of the conservatory you buy itself. Ask the installer for pictures of previous work they have done on similar conservatories and always ask for written references that are check able.

You should plan a visit to at least two previous installations and see how the home owner describes the installation time costs and any problems that may have arisen. The plan for installing your conservatory should be typed with deliverable like installation date and what is involved.

The most important thing you should do is make sure the installer of your conservatory conforms to all regulations and is registered with people in the fenestration trade body and have a registered business address even if they are self employed they should at the minimum have a registered name.


Buying A Used Conservatory

When buying a used conservatory always look for 3 local companies and get a written quotation from each one with a breakdown of the work and time frame.

Once the quotes have been received make sure each quote for the conservatory includes any labour costs and any clauses for extra work are included.

The quotation for your used conservatory should include a design of the conservatory and always receive in writing the exact condition of the conservatory for example if there are any minor scratches to the glass or the roof lights and plastic sheeting if not using glass is new or from the old conservatory.

Use the quotes to compare prices between an old conservatory and a new to see if you can save any money in buying new rather than used as sometimes there is not enough difference to justify buying new especially if it is only a few hundred off the price of a used conservatory.

The quotation should also include information of any warranty and further clauses should a problem develop with the conservatory within a certain time of use. The conservatory company you use should also include names and phone numbers or addresses of previously installed work should you require a look to make sure you are dealing with a legitimate company.


What can a conservatory be used for ?

A conservory isnt just about creating a seating area there are many uses for a new conservatory. It can be added to a kitchen as an addition to it like an eating area with a dining table for exquisite dinners and suppers or you could use it as a mini greenhouse to show off an exotic plant collection which will be provided heat all year round. It can be used as a small media room with speakers and a sofa to watch cinema style movies depending on the size you have. Bear in mind depending on the country you install your conservatory in it is important you get heating as some countries in Europe are very very cold and without heating your conseratroy could end up being a waste of good money.


Heat Loss in a conservatory

Many people complain of heat loss in a conservatory especially in the winter there are many causes for this and by taking these factors into consideration a conservatory can made a little warmer.

Changing the roof is not really an option without effecting planning regulations as well as extra strengthening of structure which is required when adding heavier structural support to the roof. One option however is to use  solar control panels especially the upvc ones which in winter conserve more heat and in the summer allow heat to dissipate, these however will not make significant differences in the much larger conservatories.

Heaters are an option which are often used and a highly recommended option although expensive initially nut cheaper than using gas or electrical heat is air to air pumos which save you up to 3/4 on your electricity bill and can heat a conservatory really well but these have rules to their use which must be checked by the manufacturers to see if they are recommended for your conservatory.

An installer can be employed to check for leaks in the glass and improper fitting of roof panels and glass sheets in the windows and doors of the conservatory. Little problems even with gaps in the cills of a conservatory can have a profound amount of heat loss. so it is worth checking these.

Underfloor heating is a popular option in the UK and underfloor heating for tiles which are commonly used in conservatories are popular in the UK now.



Second Hand Conservatory

When buying a second hand conservatory be sure to check any paperwork from the existing owner for remaining guarantees on the conservatory you are about to buy. The reason for this is you should call the company and ask if the upvc conservatory parts are still covered under the guarantee if the conservatory is moved from the sellers home to yours.


Sellers are often after some quick money or are stuck because of financial difficulty if this is the case your bargaining position is strengthened how ever you should pay a fair price and not take advantage of someones misfortune.

The sellers often advertise on local websites or in local classified newspaper advertisements so look on websites like craigslist and preloved where sellers advertise items like home improvement products.

When calling ask for the exact dimensions and the roof type take a note of these dimensions and call a local conservatory company and ask for a quote for a supply only conservatory similar to the one you are looking at buying make sure you mention the correct colour as prices differ between different colours and grains.

Get at least three prices and you should be looking at paying at least 50% less than the prices you have been quoted and find out at the same time how much installation costs will be.