Buying A Used Conservatory

When buying a used conservatory always look for 3 local companies and get a written quotation from each one with a breakdown of the work and time frame.

Once the quotes have been received make sure each quote for the conservatory includes any labour costs and any clauses for extra work are included.

The quotation for your used conservatory should include a design of the conservatory and always receive in writing the exact condition of the conservatory for example if there are any minor scratches to the glass or the roof lights and plastic sheeting if not using glass is new or from the old conservatory.

Use the quotes to compare prices between an old conservatory and a new to see if you can save any money in buying new rather than used as sometimes there is not enough difference to justify buying new especially if it is only a few hundred off the price of a used conservatory.

The quotation should also include information of any warranty and further clauses should a problem develop with the conservatory within a certain time of use. The conservatory company you use should also include names and phone numbers or addresses of previously installed work should you require a look to make sure you are dealing with a legitimate company.

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