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Used Conservatories

A brief guide on what to look for before purchasing a used conservatory or conservatories from anyone please remember to always consult a construction expert or conservatory installer before purchasing

Welcome to our website here you will find suppliers of Used Conservatories for your home. We also provide information on what to look for before buying a conservatory and common misconceptions about installing conservatories. Conservatories can add a lot of panache to your home and make a very enjoyable place to sit out in the sunshine during the summer months. Buying the right conservatory is essential

Conservatories are major purchases retailing at between 5000 and up top 60000 pounds or dollars depending on where you are based in the world. So choosing the correct one without making a mistake is essential. Although it is not recommended that people buy a used conservatory simply because the conservatory will be bespoke and manufactured to the house owners specifications that they have provided it may not suite your property, but if you are adamant about purchasing some the things to look for are below.

Frames & Glass: Ensure the frames and glass are not cracked at all because broken window frames often let in moisture which gathers around the seals damaging glass and rusting installation screws. Cracked glass enables moisture to enter your windows which builds up condensation and is quite expensive to replace.

Roof and beams: The roof of the conservatory should be sound i terms of the plastic sheeting or glass depending on roof is the correct safety glass along with having a perfect fit to enable it to best protect everything inside the structure from moisture and weather.

Materials:  The materials used to install the conservatory should adhere to the conservatory manufacturers instructions such as none magnetised screws and the correct glass and sealant for the frames and structure.

Dwarf or brick wall: Design plans should be acquired from the existing owner for the depth of foundations that are required to support the conservatory as well as the size and width of the dwarf brick wall that is required to ensure a sound fit of the conservatory on your property.

Other advice we can offer is to check with your local authority on the planning and building regulations in your area and state and all rules and laws that should be complied to before installing a new installation. A construction expert and conservatory installer is essential as it is a very dangerous job and if there are any flaws or an incorrect installation has taken place any family member using the conservatory is put into danger.

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  1. When buying a used conservatory we always find it is useful to get brochures and tutorials from the internet so you understand all the aspects of the installation which will make sure you follow the installation and make sure your installation is being done properly.

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